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Gezondheid-tekst Biscuits and cakes are of course primarily delicious and a fantastic treat for special occasions. For the sake of the health of consumers it is naturally important that the right products are consumed at the right time. In order to allow people to make a sensible and healthy choice our packaging features all the necessary information regarding ingredients, nutritional information and possible risks (for example, for people with allergies). Furthermore, we have an extensive line of healthy products which can be used to achieve a sensible balance.



Gezondheid-DwingelooVos Banket is based in the greenest town in Europe and feels a responsibility to make a contribution to nature and the environment. For this reason we have carefully considered our logistical process so that the emission of harmful substances is kept to an absolute minimum. Our lorries keep getting cleaner, we are investing in cleaner packaging, our products are traditionally and sustainably produced and our warehouse system allows us to deliver these products directly to buyers. We are also constantly investing in new techniques to modernise our business and fleet and to make them more sustainable.

In this way Vos Banket contributes to a cleaner environment and to the health of consumers.