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  • Artisanal products
    Artisanal products


  • Gluten free enjoyment
    Gluten free enjoyment


  • Vos Banket for your company

    Vos Banket is your biscuit and pastry specialist. A close-knit family company that operates internationally from Dwingeloo, the greenest town in Europe. Vos Banket has a wide range of products that are traditionally made, with care for the environment, health and your business operations.

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  • Adapting to your logistical process

    With a modern fleet, and by using smart digital systems, Vos Banket can seamlessly adapt to your logistical process. As a result you are guaranteed a punctual delivery of fresh products. Discover what Vos Banket can do logistically for your company.

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  • Artisanal products

    Vos Banket’s range of products consists of biscuits and pastries, and is produced by artisanal specialists. Vos Banket can also supplement our order with specific products from your area, so that you can respond to the tastes and demands of your customers.

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  • Health and sustainability

    Everything that we do today affects the future. That is why Vos Banket only supplies high quality products, and protects the environment as much as possible during production and transport.

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