A close-knit family business

Vos Banket is your biscuit and pastry specialist. A close-knit family business that is based in Dwingeloo, the greenest town in Europe. We started with just one lorry, and then grew to become an organisation that operates globally.

GlutenvrijPeople who are gluten intolerant have to follow a gluten-free diet for their entire lives. This is of vital importance to them. Vos Banket has put together a line of products for this target group that are guaranteed gluten-free. 100% safe, 100% delicious and clearly marked with a recognisable sticker on the packet.


Vos Banket is a certified supplier of gluten-free products with a certificate from the Dutch Coeliac Society (registration number NL-062)..


Do you want gluten-free products from Vos Banket for your company?

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